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Complete Analytics on Every Campaign



Why wait for customers to find You?

We can get your targeted message in front of local residence who live within a couple of miles from your office, retail store or restaurant.  If you prefer, you can target specific zip codes or the entire city as well as specific needs or interests, all for a fraction of the cost of Google Adword, print ads or direct mail.

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Personalized Sales Cycles

Thousands of Video Recipients Receive A Personalized Video Unique to Their Likeness and Addressing Them by Name

Customer Aqusition And Client Retension

Generate Leads and Build Customer Loyalty. Start a First Name Basis Relationship and Sell One to One.

Analytics and Tracking

Data about your business your industry and your competition. Leverage What works, Drop What Doesn't!

Spokesperson Video Personalization
Still Targeting Groups? Start Targeting People.

The cost of client acquisition has reached new heights over the last few years. It is imperative every prospect you get through your marketing efforts sincerely feels that you’ve taken a personal interest in them and you want their business.

We have developed a proprietary technology that allows you to email a personal video from the account executive or the owner of the company, addressing the prospect by name in the video and thanking them for their interest in your product, service or campaign. Our technology allows you to send out 1 or 100,000 individually personalized videos.

In today’s society, when a prospect receives an email or letter in the mail, the general assumption is that it is a form letter. It is not as powerful as a sales executive or even the owner of the company standing in front of a video camera, in which they call the prospect by name and either, thank them for their business or at least for showing interest in their product or service. Our technology automates this process, so the personalized video message is produced once and prospect names are seamlessly added.

We Can Also Targeted A Prospects Specific Need, Want or Passion, With Your Video Ads


Clients Will Be Able To

spacerv2Click to Call   |   Email   |   Text

Sign Up for a Consultation   |   Purchase Your Product or Service

Donate to Your Organization or Cause   |   Fill Out One of Your Surveys

Sign Up for Your Webinar   |   Sign Up for Your List

spacerv2All Instantly and Directly From Your Responsive Videos


The game has changed and the consumer is savvy. The days of marginal returns are quickly becoming cost-ineffective while alternative media marketing flounders. Augment your approach by selling the recipient rather than selling a group. Achieve the Open Rates you always wanted, with the conversions you never expected.

Trade Show Lead Gen

Exhibiting is Expensive and a Sales force can't follow up with every attendee... Until now.

Automotive Sales & Service

Name of the Game, Get Interested Buyers to Walk Into Your Dealership and Return For Service.

Travel and Hospitality

Personalized Customer Loyalty and sales Programs for your Resort or Cruise Line.

Politicians and Political P.A.C.'s

Recipient Tailored Donation Leverage and Outreach Campaigns For your Cannidadte or Political P.A.C.

Charitable Organisations

Raise Awareness and Garner Support on a One-2-One Pitch from your Organizations Representative.

Medical Professionals

Drive Individualized Referrals and Appointment Reminders to Your Valued Clients

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Video Merge comes with my highest recommendations. They are always looking for new ideas to assist clients. I admire the creative work and there willingness to ``give first``. You would be doing yourself a favor to align yourself with Video Merge.

Carl White - The Marketing Animals


If you want to attract more qualified leads, you should definitely talk to the folks at Video Merge. Highly innovative and strategic marketing strategies personalized to your specific needs. The bottom line, when it comes to lead generation, they do it better, than anyone else I know.

Sandy Vosk - Advantage Technology Solutions


Video Merge has provided ITyX and its clients with intuitive videos marketing campaigns that not only drive inbound leads, but also qualify a prospects need, allowing our sales team a shorter sales cycle.

Joe Radomsky - ITyX Solutions


We have worked with Video Merge on projects and very much look forward to continuing our relationship with them. They are completely focused on successfully generating qualified leads in a highly efficient manner with the latest technology.

Kristofer S. Herlitz - The Herlitz Company, Inc.

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